Starting a blog- the things I have learned

I have habit of jumping in. Should have spent more time doing some research.

Daylight Saving Time- Is it worth it?

Time to Fall Back. Daylight Saving Time is ending on November 3rd. I love the extra hour of daylight during the summer, but switching back and forth, yuck! How do you feel about the switch?

Making my bed to accomplish the little things

I admit, I haven’t made my bed for years, I figured no one sees it but my husband and I, so what’s the big deal. (Sorry mom!) I never thought about my unmade bed during the day, and I never considered how not making the bed could affect my mental well-being or my ability to […]

Why is September important to us?

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Our lovely daughter Rowan became the second child in our family in May 2007. Everything about her was normal. Ten fingers, ten toes, pinch-able cheeks and a solid appetite. After her third birthday, we celebrated with family and followed it up with a great trip to Williamsburg, VA. What we didn’t […]


Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. – Confucius Simplify. How does that one word make you feel? To me, it fills me with both dead and hope. When I think about that word, it makes me reflect on not just my surroundings, but my emotional state also.  Can I simplify?  […]