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Sometimes in my posts I might have links to items that I have tried and found to be fantastic! I thought that I would simplify it for you and round the links up. Also, there are some things that I like that I may not have talked about yet so you get a sneak peak!

Organization Items

Love this lazy susan. It spins well and fits a lot more on the upper shelves without losing things.

Needed a better way to store the mac and cheese and rice boxes. This works great!

This was great deal. You get two and they are an awesome color!

Realized that I had too many water bottles, but this makes it easy to grab the one you want.

The handles on these make it much easier for short person to pull things out from higher shelves.

This 4-pack was a life saver when organizing the pantry.

Office Items

Love the retractable function of these markers. No cap to lose!

Bought these for Rowan to use for school, but lucky for me she didn’t need them all. I use them to track my blog info!

Love fun color, this are great pastel colors. Fun to use!

Sometimes, bright colors are the way to go.

Helpful Blog Tools

Pet Items

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