Do I need a bucket list? Do you have one?

my bucket already is overflowing. Do I need a bucket list? What is an anti-bucket list?

Why an Anti-Bucket list might be better

I hear people talk about how they have a bucket list of things that they want to do before they, well, kick the bucket. These are those big items that most people strive to get. That big vacation that they save for, skydiving for the first time. All those things that they wouldn’t necessarily do in their life, but that would like to do before life is over.

If someone was to ask me what is in your bucket list, I wouldn’t have anything to offer them. Because my bucket list is empty. That’s right I have nothing on it. I hadn’t even really considered what should be on my list until I found a really cool writing prompt when I was trying to keep my creative thoughts moving. Do you have things on your bucket list?

Bucket list A list of things that a person wants to experience or achieve before they die.

The term “Bucket List” wasn’t even a phrase until the movie “The Bucket List” was being released (you know the one with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson) where they made a list of things that they wanted to do before they died. It is a good idea for some people, but for the rest of us, is it really?

I haven’t thought about a bucket list. Mostly I am trying to survive the day to day activities of work, family, and life in general. To think that far into the future…I have been remiss. We are in such a routine that thinking about the things that I want to do before I die, Yikes. I am in complete denial. If I was to die tomorrow, I feel good about what I have accomplished in my life. If I knew that I only had a short time to live, I wouldn’t think about what I had missed out on, but getting my family situated for when I was gone. I guess that could be the first thing on my bucket list. If I was going to die ever. Because I know I’m not. 🙂

When I first looked at this I thought that it was just things I never wanted to do again. However, I found the link the the Anti-Bucket list and I think I like this better. The anti-bucket list is the list of all the things that I have already experienced or accomplished. Instead of always looking to what comes next, and what is the next big thing, it is time to look at all the good you have done in your life and the things that you have accomplished.

My Anti-Bucket List

  • Graduated High School
  • Got a Volleyball Scholarship for College
  • Got Married
  • Graduated College
  • Bought our 1st house
  • Had our 1st child
  • Went to Europe
  • Moved into a bigger house
  • Bought our only brand new car
  • Had our second child
  • Graduated grad school with my MBA
  • Survived our daughter having leukemia
  • Got laid off
  • Had Newfoundlands
  • Still married- 23 years later
  • Had family vacations
  • Started a blog

There are a lot of other items that didn’t make the list, things that are mostly day to day accomplishments, like getting out of bed without hitting snooze or making the bed every day. But when I look back I have accomplished and done a lot. Not just individually, but also as a family and I refuse to take that for granted.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t have things that I am striving for.

  • I would love to make enough money blogging that I don’t have to work. (Help me out please!).
  • I would like to spend more time exploring Europe (I traveled a lot for work, and have seen the surface, but I want to explore!) 
  • I want to take a family vacation every year. With Liam starting college next fall, I think it will be even more important for us to regroup and enjoy time together. 

While I don’t want to focus on the end, I want to enjoy the moment while enjoying the life that I have. What are your thoughts about a bucket list? Do you have one or are you like me thinking you will live forever? 🙂