5 ways to identify your topic and beat writer’s block

What’s your next blog in production?

how do you pick your blog topic

You know how it goes. You are sitting down, have a few minutes on your hands and you just get stuck. Random thoughts start flooding your brain, but nothing will work. There is nothing on your paper. You have writers block! How are you going to beat it?

What I am supposed to be writing about.  It is impossible to keep coming up with new ideas for posts. Does anyone really care about what I write?


Writer’s block is nothing new. I am sure the neanderthals got stuck after they drew pictures of deer for the 1,000th time. Luckily (or unluckily) for us, we have a lot more going on in our lives and around us to give us inspiration.

In order to avoid running into that issue, I have done a lot of research and have made a list of ways to avoid writer’s block. But where did I start you ask? Pinterest of course!

Start with Pinterest

The first thing I did was search Pinterest. There are so many great ideas! There are some that have blog ideas for every day for 30 days, the cool days of the month for each month (like national donut day, YUM!) Some were even just journaling prompts. While not all of them are something that I will use, (I am not trying to create a product or sell something) They have helped me to simplify the process of figuring out what to write. 

To help you out I have saved some of my favorite cheat sheets on my Pinterest board called “Blog Post Ideas”. I even clicked on the links to make sure that they take you to the correct webpage and you don’t have to pay to get these ideas. Win-win, right?  (If you open Pinterest and click on the camera, you can hover over this image and it will take you to the blog idea board! Totally cool!)

Other ideas from around your comfort zone

Take a look at the things that are going on around you for your inspiration. Just make sure you can tie it back to the main focus for your blog. For instance:

  • The weather and how that affects you or your business. (winter is coming here soon, and SNOW does not simplify my life)
  • Funny things that you heard or saw and how that impacts your day/business etc. (my daughter used to say chipstack for Chapstick)
  • A story you found on the internet and how it affected you
  • What has broken in your home that you have to get fixed. (Seriously I just had to have my dryer fixed. Then the washer needed repair the next week. Those appliances really made the quest more difficult.)

Find high level topics to help you organize your post focus

Because my focus is on how I am trying to simplify our lives my blog posts will be focused on a few main groups:

  • Organization- Different cabinets, closets, rooms drawers, the car, the garage, the basement, my office, the coat closet, and the laundry room. (Well that looks like the next year, guess I better get busy)
  • Recipes- I don’t usually blog about these, but I might if there is something really easy that I was able to get all of my picky family to eat.
  • Tools, apps and services reviews. For instance, we have used a shared google calendar for years so that all of us know what is going on, but would it be better to use one app that is designed to keep your family organized (stay tuned!). Or is shipt, instacart or other grocery delivery service better?
  •  Then there will be the updates. I know you are all dying to know if Rowan’s room is still clean (hint…sort of) or if I am still waking up with my alarm and making the bed (YES!)
  • Here are a few of my favorite things (singing that like in the Sound of Music), I will let you know what I can’t live without
  • Finally posts about our crazy family, some current things and some background (queue foggy flashback music)

Are you ready for a challenge?

Throughout the year there are a lot of challenges that many bloggers participate in. The challenges are not only a great topic generator, they also can help you link to other bloggers to expand your community. I know that there is one or two that I will try and participate in in the coming months. 

Do an interview

Finding that interesting person who can help you be an expert is a great person to interview. For instance, I am not a professional organizer, but I think I will find someone that I can interview and get some basic advice to apply to my house and also share with you!

The big challenge for any blog idea

The big challenge, of course, is making all of these great ideas link back to your main goal. For me, that is simplifying our lives! So you won’t see a post about hair products unless it is something that makes getting up in the morning easier.(Naturally wavy hair in the summer time, anyone?) Anything that I write about will make it easier for me and help you with ideas on how to simplify your life.

How to keep all these ideas organized was a huge issue. I thought about keeping it all digital, but I wanted to get lists and other information down quickly and have it available even when my batteries on my electronics were dying! So out came my handy, dandy, notebook (anyone know what that is from?)I can quickly jot notes down and write out drafts.

There you have it. Ways to avoid writer’s block and keeping the content flowing. How do you find your ideas for your blog posts? Do you have a handy notebook too? If you have a digital solution, I would LOVE to give it a shot. Have a great day and happy blogging!