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Brinner. I am sure you are all wondering what the heck that is. In our house, because we love combining words, it is Breakfast for Dinner. For us, when Brinner is the special of the day everyone is happy.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, mostly we serve scrambled or fried eggs, toast, bacon and fruit. It is quick, easy and no one turns up their nose. (If only every meal was that easy). If I have time, we might substitute pancakes for toast, or even toaster waffles.

Rowan and her friend got into a heated discussion on whether it was BRINNER or BRENNER (depends on how many letters you take from breakfast). What they did agree on was that when that is the evening meal, it makes them happy!

Breakfast for Dinner is Brinner! Tasty and easy

Why I don’t mind brinner night

When I think about what they eat during that meal, it is actually a lot less processed than some of my other “Quick” meals (ie frozen lasagna) and we hit most of the food groups (at least from my 4 square groups when I was a kid). We spend more time together eating and talking because it makes everyone happy.

How often do you try something new for dinner that you think everyone should like to have half love it and the other half gagging dramatically? This happens quite often. So much so, that the first question I get when they come down for dinner is, “What is it?” followed by “What did you put into it?” (yes I am known for trying to hide vegetables and other things into dishes). These questions automatically put me on the defensive and the family ready to hate whatever I made.

Brinner isn’t like that. It is simple. They all like it. We are all relaxed. Conversation flows. There is laughter and usually I learn something new about what is happening in school.

My favorite things for Brinner

My other favorite thing

Because this meal is easy to make, I get Rowan and Liam involved. That way when they are poor college students in an apartment they can make something else other than Ramen!


Please leave me your words of wisdom. I have a lot of learning to do.

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