my kitchen as a whole. pretty standard 10 x 10 kitchen, not a lot of other storage, so have to maximize the space.
Here is the kitchen and what I have to work with

Cabinet #1

Good morning! I hope that you all are surviving the week. Today I want to tell you about my first dip into organizing my kitchen. Just like with Rowan’s room, I broke the process down into simple steps. This time there were only 4! Luckily for me, one section of cabinets only took about 30 minutes and I did it before the kids woke up last Saturday! Let’s dive into the 4 simple steps to organizing the cabinet.

But first, a little history

As much as I would love to have a larger kitchen, with all the bells and whistles, and extra storage, that is not in the cards right now. I have to make what I have work and that can be a bit challenging. Although I admit I have brought much of that disorder on myself. I mean really, how many sets of measuring spoons do I really need (I had 5!). As much as I would love to say that I cook up a storm and use all five sets at once, that has never happened. So part of the this process was to take inventory of what I have and to apply a bit of Marie Kondo’s teachings to the process (if you don’t know who she is, you should watch at least one episode on Netflix, or read her book on Amazon).

Step #1 Emptying the drawers and taking inventory

Here is a picture of the three drawers. They may not look too bad, but when the kids can’t find anything or put the clean dishes away because they are not sure where they go, then we have a problem!

Top Drawer
Middle Drawer
Bottom Drawer

Step #2 Clean the drawers

I then emptied them all out onto the counter and vacuumed and cleaned each drawer.

Those drawers held a lot!

Step #3 Discard duplicate or unused items

Looking at this, it is hard to see, but we had 4 sets of measuring cups, 5 sets of measuring spoons about 6 spatulas a carafe for the coffee machine and a french fry maker.

I needed to really think about what I used and when and tried to think about the best location for the items.

Step #4 Reload drawers where it make sense

Now it was time to put it all back in. I did keep the knives in the top drawer, it is the skinniest of the 3 and just made sense from a size standpoint. Although if I had a better place for them, I would move the spatulas up to the top to make it easier when cooking on the stove.

Top drawer after
Middle drawer after
Bottom drawer after

As you can see they are much cleaner and it is easier to find everything. In fact, I was able to get all the sharp items together in the top drawer (the scissors, pizza cutter, etc.) The prep/cooking tools in the middle. I was even able to move the liquid measuring cups to the bottom drawer to keep all the measuring items close by.

I will say that I love the knife organizer by Joseph Joseph. It doesn’t take a lot of room in the drawer and it holds everything from my lettuce knife to steak and paring knives.

In the middle drawer I am using two baskets. The long one isn’t quite long enough to keep all the items in it, and I think I will be looking for something divided to try and get the spoons etc split apart and easier to grab,

The bottom drawer has the large white lidded box (from Ikea, but not sold anymore, the Kuggis looks to be closest).

Final thoughts

I feel really good about the changes that I made to the drawers and at the end of the day, anything that you do your drawers has to work for you! As I start to work on other sections of the kitchen, there may be a few more items that get relocated to other areas. This is definitely a work in progress!

Do you have any organizers that you have used and liked? Always looking for new ideas!


Please leave me your words of wisdom. I have a lot of learning to do.

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