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Time to clean! Start time, 11 am. Focused on the floor. Picking up all the garbage clothes and food bowls. Ended with starting the first of many loads of laundry, vacuuming and spraying extra strength Febreeze on the carpet.

I thought only boys had stinky rooms! As a reminder, this is what I started with.

Messiest room in the world. Thats a strainer with grapes (I mean raisins).

And here is where we are after round one.

So tired. What a difference already. The room is looking clean!
Part way done.

Clean as you go- Round 2

The next step after waking Rowan up was to focus on her desk. There was a lot to work through. There were 4 bowls from the kitchen, many charging cables, and plenty of Jolly Rancher wrappers (one of her favorite candies).

The room was clean at the end, however, we didn’t get to the laundry or putting away all the clothes. That process will begin tomorrow.

The Summary

After all that cleaning we ended up with:

This is what it looked like when all was said and done.

clean room. what a difference between the beginning and end state.
Clean desk ready for school
Desk ready to work

Even though she won’t admit it I can see she doesn’t look as anxious trying to maneuver around everything.

Will keep the good work going tomorrow so that maybe we can enjoy Monday! It only took us 5 hours, including breaks to get her room from unmanageable to a great place to hang out.

Hopefully, the clothes organization goes just as well tomorrow. We will try and clean the closet as we go like we did today.

Take a look at the process from beginning to end.

The true test will be to see how long she can keep it up. I am still trying to get her to think about how much time she will save by cleaning as she goes, a little day by day, instead of trying to start from the bottom of a pit!


Please leave me your words of wisdom. I have a lot of learning to do.

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