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This picture makes me nervous.

Today is a beautiful day! Outside my window that is.

I would love to be outside enjoying the weather, because here in Minnesota, you have to enjoy every last warm day, because, winter is coming.

Other than enjoying the weather, I would much rather be outside, because inside all around my desk are post-its. My post-its have post-its. I really feel like a need an EXTRA-LARGE post-it.

Those are just what I can remember to write down. In my very muddled brain would be more post-its (if it was possible).

I don’t know where to start. (huge sigh)

Labor day weekend is here, followed by the kids starting school on Tuesday, so that means that it is Darling Daughter’s room clean-up! (I haven’t told her yet). I’m not talking surface clean and hiding things under the bed, but going through everything, pulling it out and making sure that it has a place to go at the end of it all. It may not be back in her room (I might need a bigger garbage can). My gameplan is this:

But what next. How do I get her to make sure to keep her room that way?

(another sigh)

Guess we will have to see what works. Any suggestions?


Please leave me your words of wisdom. I have a lot of learning to do.

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